> Thoughts from the future:
+ Sure, inequality is a problem that needs serious reform to solve.
- Education probably does't solve it all.
- Actually, a universal basic income is a good solution.

“As we clear away the debris of a hurricane, let us also clear away the legacy of inequality,” Bush said at the cathedral.

Because inequality is only located in New Orleans. Because inequality is an easy problem to fix. Right …

Ok, say we gave every single poor person $30,000 dollars this year to bring them from the poverty line, suppose we did this for 5 or 10 years or some stupid amount of time. This is the epitome of government outlook. No forward thinking AT ALL. Never find cures for things, only band-aides. Throw money at a problem, if it persists keep throwing money at it, even if it grows bigger. Unless the solution is written in the stars or in the bible, ignore finding roots of any problem and criticize those that do. These are the golden rules of politics.

Fuck politics. Seriously, I am a political science major and I am saying this. You know why? It is messed up. Serious political reform needs to happen and serious reallocation of political capital. You want to stop inequality for good? Make every single school equal and equipped to teach children of the 21st century. Force kids to learn, make it undeniably clear that those who choose not to learn will not be saved. When you see most of your classmates going off to college, or getting an education that lets them make enough money to live comfortably then kids who want nothing to do with school may get the picture. Schools need to be strengthened across the board, from elementary all the way to universities. There is no way to cure inequalities, as far as economics, when schools themselves, giving the knowledge needed to succeed in the future, are grossly unequal.

Is this obvious to anyone else? How many problems could be solved if education as a whole were enhanced greatly? How many benefits to society would this reap, both directly and indirectly over time? Problems have roots, and you have to tear at the roots to make any progress in killing them. Doing anything else is just piss in the wind.