> Thoughts from the future:
+ This show was completely forgettable.

This post is obviously a spoiler, I would avoid reading it if you have not seen the show! Then again you can probably predict the ending if you have ever imagine up a semi-happy ending to some kind of hero like possible disaster.

Was it just me or was the Heroes big finale on Monday more of a big Fizzle? All season we have a build up to a supposedly spectacular ending that involves a bomb that is supposed to go off (from mysterious circumstances no less) in the middle of New York City. What we end up with is a cookie cutter ending that seems taken directly from any number of super hero comic books. That is all well and good, because obviously Heroes is a super hero show inspired by such works. On the other hand, the show had a kind of sophisticated story line (quasi-Lost like almost) that intrigued us all season. To end on such a predictable and comic book like ending was a let down for me, personally, because I expected some sophistication and surprise.

There were some surprises that we encountered. The little girl, Lilly, who can see anyone in the world and their exact location, mentioned that she knew of a person that was more evil than Silar and could see her when she saw him. Seeing as we are short some villains after the Finale and that the “League of Heroes” is together (corny and predictable), they might as well fight this new super villain (if the next season wasn’t so weird, more on that later).

Peter must live. He is the main character, so I expect him to live through that. I will be disappointed if he did not. I am already disappointed because the future that the showed a couple episodes before the finale, the bleak dark future where Silar is president and Peter is jaded but powerful, the world is splintered, and there is a kind of silent war on “heroes” … now that was interesting! I want a season about that future, not the warm fluffy future where the bomb does not go off and love between brothers conquers evil. Give me a break, I really hoped after seeing that bleak future that Heroes would finally surpass Lost as a sophisticated show (and yes I know Lost has its silly main stream unsophisticated moments). Unfortunately, only a mere couple of episodes later they disappoint me with the finale no less.

Then there is next season.

We could have new people and new storylines and new ideas and new threats and new bad guys and new heroes. So I would prepare the audience for that idea, that it’s not just a continuing serialized storyline about only these people. It’s a little more the 24 model than the Lost model.

I heard rumors that season 2 will be a prequel, however I have not confirmed that on the internet except for the fact that a twin mini-series will run while Heroes takes its break sometime next season called “Heroes:Origins” that explains the back stories of the characters. However, it seems here that we will see the some of the same characters but the writers are giving themselves the opportunity to trash, forget, or create characters at their discretion. You have to be cautious here though, since the story is character based. As Lost has found, introducing new characters can be a tricky affair, and many times people tend to just plain hate new characters because they appear so shallow to the old characters that have been well developed. However, unlike Lost, Heroes characters are not all that well shaped and developed. Instead of having to develop complex character personalities and back stories (ala Lost), Heroes simply adds a simple back story and personality and lets the audience concentrate on their super power. So shuffling characters in and out may work out for Heroes. Only time will tell.

I will say, it is a blessing and a curse, this final episode. One thing that I hate is an epic cliff hanger that I have to wait all summer to find the ending to. One thing that I love is an epic cliff hanger that I have to wait all summer to find the ending to. In the case of the Heroes finale, I won’t have to deal with either situation because it was not epic or much of a cliffhanger at all.